MAKE IT WORK HK, by the French Chamber Foundation, was launched in 2014 by the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

We act as a charitable organisation under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance Hong Kong SA.

Our values are Commitment, Work, Empathy and Respect.


Meet our team:

Honorary President : Ms. Cecilia CHEUNG

President:      Mr.
Jean-Baptiste DABADIE 

Directors :      Mr. Thierry NEVEUX

                        Mr. Emmanuel FARCIS

                        Mr. Thomas FELD

                        Mr. Matthieu GAONACH

                        Mr. Hans Gunther HERRMANN


                        Ms. Marie-Helene PREVOT

                        Mr. Gilles-Alexandre SALANSY

                        Ms. Celine VIDAL

FCCIHK' staff: Ms. Sophie LECONTE, Executive Director

 FCF' staff: Ms. Servane DELAHAYE, General manager



MAKE IT WORK HK counts with 4 centres in Hong Kong.

Our platform enables the working poor to directly access social community, training and employment services; with a promise to create and sustain an improvement in their overall well-being.

We empower the working poor in Hong Kong

480.000 people in Hong Kong are poor, despite one or more family member having a job. We want to make their lives better.

We offer:

  • Access To Community

Our 4 centres in Hong Kong give the workers a place to mingle, a chance to share experiences and make friends. Some of our members tend to be isolated, our centres are an ideal place for them to connect and receive help from social workers.

  • Career Assistance

Our aim is to provide a personalised and warm support to each of our member. Our social workers provide them with individual counselling, personal career advice and support, while sharing job industry knowledge and job opportunities.

  • Employment Services

Our number 1 objective is to help our members to get a better job. We provide coaching and job support on diverse themes (computers, English, Mandarin,..) as well as an access to professional trainings organized by our corporate partners.

  • Healthy Meals

Thanks to our partner Food Angel, we serve a HK$8 lunch-set to our members every day from Monday to Friday. A total of more than 200 dietician-supervised meals are served every day in our 4 centres.


We focus our work on alleviating poverty in Hong Kong and has particularly at heart the situation of low income workers and their families.

Low-income workers’ salaries do not reach the poverty line and despite their monthly incomes,they are unable to be self-reliant and to support their family in their most basic needs.

Today, about 145 600 households, representing 491 700 people, are recognized as ‘low-income’, accounting for 37.2% of the total poor population. 


  • The poverty line set up in 2016 for a 3 person’s household represents a monthly income of less than HK$ 15,000.
  • 81% of low income families are 3-person-and-above households and over half of the have children.
  • 24.6% of the low-income workers are part-time or under-employed
  • 86.7% of the low-income workers are lower-skilled and over one third has no secondary education.
  • The poorest spend half of their monthly budget on food but still can’t afford a nutritional balanced diet.


In accordance to HK law, our accounts are managed as per GAAP and are audited yearly.

To check our 2017-2018 Annual Report : click here