28 Dec
Christmas Gathering: our sponsors' gift to the French Chamber Foundation beneficiaries

Over 50 people gathered in each lunch club for our annual Christmas fair. Gifts, chocolates and pastries were distributed to the Lunch Club beneficiaries. Games were also organized in a very warm and joyful atmosphere. The Foundation thanks all the sponsors for their generosity.


7 Dec
Conversation with Laury and Kieran, staff at the French Chamber and volunteers at the Foundation

Laury PACE, Volunteer and Organizer of the French Chamber Gala

Kieran CASH, Volunteer and Communications Manager at the French Chamber


Who are you?

LP: I lived in Hong Kong for the last six years. I joined the staff of the French Chamber of Commerce two and a half years ago as membership and event manager. One of my mission is to organize the annual gala of the Chamber aiming at raising funds for the Foundation.

KC: I worked at the French Chamber for one year and a half now. Laury and I are both volunteers of the Foundation. Every Friday, a staff member of the Chamber and one person from the Business Center go to the Lunch Club in Wan Chai to distribute pastries offered by Maison Eric Kayser.

Why does it matter to both of you?

KC: The people at the Lunch Club could be the person opening the door for you every morning or somebody you buy the newspaper from in the street. Helping the Lunch Club is a way of seeing another side of the city I live in and giving something back to the community.

LP: The idea is to create a true dialogue with the beneficiaries, trying to brighten up their daily life. Dedicating a lunch time to help low-income-workers is my way to thank Hong Kong for welcoming foreigners and allowing them to settle there. It is also about sharing.

Something that surprised you during your last visit?

LP: I realized how much the beneficiaries were happy as we are to share their own culture and I must say that some of them are even really familiar with France!

Three words to describe the foundation?

KC: Generosity, Caring & Meeting. The last one means a lot to me. Even if some beneficiaries are not English-speakers, meeting them is always enriching. It is my contribution to thank the Hong Kong community for all it gave me until now.

5 Dec
The French community in Hong Kong increasingly committed to volunteer

When the French Chamber Foundation was created in 2014, one of the founders’ motivations was to give back something to a city that helped nurturing the French business community prosperity. This vision is more than ever part of our current actions.

On December, 1st, some members of the French community gave some of their free time to help the Lunch Club of Mong Kok. From now, this group will come on a weekly basis, every Friday. The French Chamber Foundation warmly thank them for their commitment to help local low-income workers and foster the dialogue between the two communities.

29 Sep
2017 Annual report

The French Chamber Foundation 2017 Annual report

The French chamber foundation released its Annual report for 2016-2017. The Annual Report 2016-2017 of the French Chamber Foundation gives you comprehensive information about our activities throughout the past year.

Highlights of the year:

  • 1 new Lunch Club opened in October 2016
  • 34,000+ meals served
  • More than 2,500 workers in the 4 lunch clubs
  • 260+ members actively involved in the career development services
  • 35% of the coached members found a better job

To read the full report, click here

5 Sep
Disciples Escoffier International Asia support the French Chamber Foundation

Disciples Escoffier International Asia support the French chamber foundation

Disciples Escoffier International Asia held the YOUNG TALENTS ESCOFFIER 10th ANNIVERSARY at the Hong Kong Jockey Club on September 5. Maître Cuisinier de France, Mr Robert Fontana, Chairman of DEI Asia & Christian Bruhns, Executive Chef of the HKJC have revisited for their honourable guests iconic recipes from Mr Auguste Escoffier and crafted a unique 6-course dinner. This year, following August Escoffier concern in supporting Charity organizations, the Disciples Escoffier International Asia Gala Dinner organized Auctions in benefit to the French Chamber Foundation.

Henri Lamy, a French figurative painter and capoeirista who has exhibited his works in Paris, Beijing, Tokyo and Hong Kong participated in this beautiful evening. He contributed to the success of the auctions by donating two pieces of artwork he realized during the gala dinner. Henri Lamy on top of being a talented artist is also committed to help people in need. In September 2015, with Maïa d'Aboville, he opened The Taverne Gutenberg an art space in the city-centre of Lyon, France to make art accessible to everyone and support emerging artists.